AI/ML, digital twins, and enterprise reporting are critical elements of digital transformation. However, challenges with data integrity and integration often derail best-laid plans.

Please join Uptake for the Ignition Community Conference Technical Demonstration on Wednesday, September 22 at 1:30PM CT.

You’ll learn how Uptake Fusion can be configured as a single connection between an Ignition server and the organization’s Microsoft Azure cloud. Doing so ensures data integrity and facilitates integration. 

Once Ignition Historian data is in the cloud, it’s ready for analytics, including Microsoft Time Series Insights, PowerApps, and Power BI. Internal and external data consumers can repeatedly access the data for use cases that deliver ROI and lead to faster, smarter decisions. 

Speakers from Uptake at the Ignition Community Conference include Andrew Soignier, Vice-President, Global Sales and Melissa Guglich, Senior Fusion Owner.

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